We Create Connected Ecosystems

McKinstry builds some of today’s smartest, most energy-efficient buildings with automated building operations designed to dramatically reduce energy use, optimize how space is used and improve occupant comfort. McKinstry takes the concept to the next level, designing wireless communications systems that enable a completely connected experience for smart buildings, communities and cities.

In-building Cellular Connectivity

McKinstry works with both neutral host companies and all major cellular carriers to extend network coverage indoors, employing multiple technologies such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), small cells and access point systems.

We manage all aspects of planning, building and installing a wireless system that provides the necessary cellular coverage and capacity to securely share information from anywhere within a facility and its surrounding areas. We are vendor and equipment agnostic—engineering flexible systems that are designed to grow, while meeting the requirements, budget and operational needs of each client.

Public Safety & Two-Way Radio Systems

Concrete walls, metal structures and high-efficiency glass do a lot to improve energy efficiency in buildings but they also block much of radio signals from entering the structure. As federal, state and municipal codes become more stringent, mandating that first responder radio signals be available throughout buildings in the event of an emergency, it’s becoming critical for the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry to ensure all buildings are in compliance.

McKinstry’s team of wireless experts evaluate and advise on the necessary installation and design standards for providing first responder radio coverage, including Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (PS DAS) and Emergency Radio Responder System (ERRS). We also evaluate current coverage and design and install systems guaranteed to meet code requirements and your deadline for occupancy.


McKinstry’s wireless solutions optimize WLAN performance, minimizing help desk calls from unsatisfied users, maximizing performance of critical applications, and keeping sensitive data secure. We can provide guidance on all aspects of your wireless network design, and will support whichever products you choose – making sure you get what works best for your needs. Our staff is trained and certified to install network management hardware and software to give insight and control over the performance of the entire network.