Smart Buildings, Communities & Cities

Whether it is a multi-carrier distributed antenna system (DAS), a public safety system, wired infrastructure or other fiber connectivity, McKinstry’s team of wireless experts designs and delivers scalable wireless communications systems that meet your requirements, budget and operational needs while offering a completely connected experience.


The right wireless solutions can transform your business by increasing your network security and reducing downtime. We work with industrial clients to find a system that meets industry requirements, while also providing for future growth.


Government organizations rely on in-building wireless systems to enable cellular connectivity, allow for management of programs, employees and workflow, and to ensure connectivity for critical communication and security.

Mixed-Use Residential

We have come to expect more from mixed-use buildings where many work, shop, play and live. There is a high demand in urban areas for seamless connectivity and coverage throughout a complex—even in stairwells, outside spaces and performance spaces.

Public Venues

Connectivity isn’t just good for fans and concert-goers; it is good for business and vital to public safety. A wireless system that permeates every corner of a venue helps make a truly connected experience possible—keeping people and devices connected in crowded spaces, to 911 if needed, and allow for continuous streaming, live posting, and venue-specific apps that guide visitors through a unique and customized experience.


Seamless connectivity is vital for the modern hospital or facility to function. Reliable wireless connectivity for a variety of systems and devices are critical for medical professionals to facilitate efficient workflow and patient care.


Schools and campuses are much more than a collection of classrooms; they are spaces where people live, work, collaborate and play. Ubiquitous coverage offers a more vibrant and efficient environment, supports smart classrooms, smart systems and keeps everyone safe.


Savvy travelers expect cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi, while also enjoying the benefits of intelligent amenities that add to their experience.


Fast, reliable, consistent wireless coverage is now a requirement for enterprises. Due to the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, the need for higher data rates, reduced latency and increased need for connectivity and mobility of employees, a robust in-building wireless infrastructure has become a crucial tool to support efficient business operations, help increase workforce productivity, attract great employees and ultimately deliver a transformative and invigorating work experience.

Commercial Real Estate

Wireless connectivity is now widely regarded as a vital utility that tenants and visitors have come to expect and rely on. Providing robust coverage for all carriers that reaches every corner of the building and surrounding spaces helps keep tenants satisfied, allows building operators to make use of cost-saving smart technologies, improves public safety, and increases the value of the property.

Public Transportation

From connecting vehicles to real-time GPS reporting and public safety providers, to keeping signals strong even in tunnels and underground, robust DAS and wireless systems offer fully-connected, safe, reliable, and efficient transit services.